Why Whitetail

WHY it’s important to buy Whitetail Disposal’s local waste collection and recycling services!

  • We support real local environmental initiatives through our actions  and help you the homeowner actively participate by being this community’s only “landfill free” provider  of residential  and commercial waste collection and recycling services  helping keep the next generation safe!
  •  The goal of our weekly recycling program is to provide a convenient method for the consumer to help reuse precious recyclables to reduce our imprint on the environment.  The overall effort of recycling is to keep trash out of the landfills while we turn your waste into a clean source of clean, renewable energy!
  • Your recyclables go to the local recycling center to be re-used and your waste goes to the local “Energy –from- Waste” facility and becomes renewable energy!
  • A local, lived in Montgomery County, 5th generation, family owned business.
  • New. Whitetail Disposal Inc. is no longer a new company. In fact, Whitetail is now approaching its seventh year of operations, but everything about Whitetail Disposal is new! On the residential side, we will provide you a new 96 gallon trash toter and a new 32 gallon recycling bin to go along with your weekly service. On the commercial side, we will provide you a new dumpster regardless of the size dumpster, we’ll even have it painted the color of your choice, but we of course favor our Whitetail brown!
  • Pricing! Our competition drives up the whole community’s cost of living by charging exorbitant prices to other neighbors and local businesses. Charging environmental fees or fuel surcharges for doing business in other states, other businesses in turn charge you more this practice raise the prices for everybody in “our” community! The other so-called local competition likes to dump in the “big-guys” landfill and charge almost the same! We charge our route rate and the “Whitetail Promise” is you will always have the lowest price as a neighborhood on the street!  Just ask ANY Whitetail Disposal customer what they are paying for their service.
  • Please know this at Whitetail Disposal your neighbor is NOT paying the same high rate you are paying and they NEVER have been paying that rate. How many years have you been overpaying for your trash to be collected and dumped in a LANDFILL! If this bothers you as it should, call us today!
  • Look good, feel good, and be good! Check out our fleet of vehicles next time you’re out on the road. You’ll notice our always clean, well maintained vehicles servicing your neighborhood! Why does the big national guy always look dirty and nasty, yet they charge you twice the price? Profits and paying the shareholders, maybe! The Earnings forecast and beating Wall Street’s expectations are NOT part of what you’re paying for at Whitetail Disposal! We just want to do a good job of collecting your trash “landfill free” at a fair price.